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The Blog.

Let’s be serious, I’m not paying much attention at my poor blog. And I’ve been thinking about what I want to do about my blog. Because I’ve it since 2006/June… So, more than one year and I keep bloging, but I think, wrong.

I need to do something good with, something that people can use for something. I must tell people what I know maybe… These last months I’ve been in a cruzade between firewalls, and proxies, and compilations, and errors, and everything that you think would happen when you are researching stuff.

Also, I’m thinking about just blog in English. My English isn’t perfect… But I can express myself and I will just get better training.

I’m going to focus on this too from now. I aways was putting articles on the net and people use to like it and found useful… You know? It’s good, because some times some people appears with problems that you are going to face some day, maybe.

Fallowing the idea of be more helpful here, today I’m gonna start help in my friends project, the GNUSP. They said that would be nice if I could translate the texts there to English and, maybe, Spanish. Let’s see, I must practise Spanish too, but it’s hard for me sometimes. I think it’s because Spanish and Portuguese sometimes are really close, you know? It make me confuse. When I’m talking or writing in English at least I know it’s English.

Well, anyway… That is it for now, let’s check the GNUSP project!

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