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Nerd organiza e-mailYeah. I do thing I’m a kind of nerd. Let’s put it in a better way, I became a nerd. When I was young, I still, but I was more young, I used to think I’d like to be a Scientist when I grow up. Well, I liked this for some reasons [I guess]; let me try to expose it; I was child, I had no idea of an Scientist really do, all I was thinking about were… Well, I can’t remember, but probably something like what CSI guys do, but without death people.

Then I became a little older and started to think about all this lawyer stuff. I thought I could get a good job in a “concurso” I’ve my life done, just having a nice secure job and getting better as I could. A lot, really man, a lot of people do [or at least try, because its a lot of people, as I said] this. Once I said to my Dad this… And he said, I won’t forget this, funny, it could go to the Jacare Banguela’sthings that made me the man that I’m“.. Well, he said: “It’s for people that don’t want to work.”… Ouch! Well, I gave up of being a lawyer… Now I think I could be a good lawyer actually.

So, became the day… For some reason [probably my father’s love for computers and stuff, even if he doesn’t work with this] I got in love for technology… Since then my life is directly connected to technology. At the top of the list, GNU/Linux… But it’s another story…

My point, at the beginning of all this text, was. Nerds sing up to a lot of internet mail lists… And organize them. Nerds Rules – everybody knows that.

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